How do I connect the scanner to my computer?

The Uniden Bearcat UBC785XLT scanner can be connected to a PC using a serial or RS-232 cable with DB-9 connectors. These cables can be bought in any computer hardware store.

My computer does not have a serial (RS-232) port, what should I do?

If you computer is not equiped with a serial port (like my own), you can use a USB-to-serial converter. Although not all converters work as they should, I have very good experiences with converters from Eminent

I see '? (0)' instead of SCAN, SRCH, etc.

This happens when the scanner sends an operating mode which UnidenCommander does not recognise. Please send us the code (number between brackets) and tell us what the scanner was doing at that moment.

I encountered an error, what should I do?

Please use our contact page to post the error message and a description of when the error occured. Or post the error to any one of these forum threads:
www.scannerforum.nl (Dutch/Nederlands)