UnidenCommander provides control over your Uniden Bearcat scanner from your PC. All scanner buttons are available through UnidenCommander. UnidenCommander even adds some unique features to your scanner.

And best of all: it's completely free!

Why UnidenCommander?

Even though the UBC785XLT is a great scanner with its excellent audio quality and massive 1000 memory channels, there are some flaws in my opinion. The two greatest weaknesses of the UBC785 are the inability to change receiver modulation (AM, FM, etc.) and step size (5k, 6.25k, etc.) easily. For both option, one has to go into the settings menu to change change either value.
Luckily, UnidenCommander provides both functions as easily accessible buttons.


* Full and easy control over your scanner from your PC.
* Direct access to modulation buttons (AM, FM, NFM, WFM).
* Direct access to search step size buttons (5k ... 100k).
* Direct access to mute and attentuate buttons.

Supported scanners

At this point the Uniden Bearcat UBC785XLT is fully supported. As long as I don't own a BC780 scanner myself, support for the Uniden Bearcat UBC780XLT will remain experimental.